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The Pitch is a baseball novel told in the genre of baseball fiction; some would say "science fiction" with a twist. It is fantasy, pure and simple fantasy. 

From the moment star voyager Luther Woundup launches the orange baseball over the wall of Riders Field, Sacramento baseball fans are introduced to the most intriguing mascot the game has ever seen. Luther’s ingenious, magical displays are intended to win him a spot on the Riders' team.

But like a modern day Trojan Horse, it serves as a ruse to collect human brain waves with an innocent-looking device invented by his father, the reigning scientist on the planet, Spalding. The mission: convert the contents into cortesium, which is needed to save the people of Spalding. At least, that’s what Luther is told. Eventually, he learns the true purpose of his mission, pitting father against son in The Pitch. 

In the novel, RUSH LIMBAUGH temporarily relocates his EIB Studio to his adopted hometown of Sacramento to report on the federal kidnapping case of a U.S. Supreme Court Justice by the leader of a group called The Limbaughsters. Soon enough, Limbaugh is confronted by a "star visitor" (not Luther), who has nefarious plans for El Rushbo. In time, Limbaugh overcomes the fact that he meets ET, and his association with the court case reveals new purpose for his career while dovetailing with Woundup’s stunning conclusion at home plate.

It might best be described as
The Natural layered over Slaughterhouse Five. It's "Out-of-This World."

The central theme of this novel illustrates that rewards can be bittersweet, especially when derived by overcoming prejudice. For Luther, the blue hair and orange costumed image obscures his natural athletic ability. After all, through genetic engineering, he is a descendant of Babe Ruth. His African-American sidekick Bo displays a boisterous zest for life despite his physical limitations and speech impediment. And Riders’ marketing director Susan Minkin perseveres against the objections of manager Dalton Sweeney, who swears he’ll never pitch the “little fruitcake.” But the manager relents and Luther pitches in the team’s most important game of the season, resolving the duality of his father’s mission right at home plate.

The Pitch is unlike other baseball fiction that weaves a world of fantasy over the fertile field of professional baseball.
 Similar to Kinsella’s Shoeless Joe,  Brock's If I Never Get Back  and Malamud’s The Natural ...  The Pitch progresses over the foreground of baseball, however, it combines secondary plot elements involving the paranormal and ancient origins that present a layer of subtext seldom seen in this genre.

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  Updated 1/31/2014